Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters’ Scholarship

The Sir Robert Jones Scholarship assists young women from refugee backgrounds to complete a university degree or tertiary qualification from an approved tertiary institution. This philanthropic gift is for young women who aspire to a tertiary qualification, but are denied the opportunity because of family circumstances. Tuition fees are paid in full, with hostel accommodation paid for the first two years of study if the student attends a tertiary institution away from home.

“My mother never attended school and I will be the first female in my entire family to attend university. This scholarship is an incredible blessing as it means that I will be able to pursue my tertiary education without constantly worrying about my family’s financial issues.”

- Nida, Sir Robert Jones Scholarship Recipient

Selection Criteria:

Young women from refugee backgrounds:

  • Aged 17 – 24 years
  • Evidence of University Entrance or a qualification for admission to an approved tertiary course of study
  • A strong academic record over the last 3 years
  • Financial and/or personal hardship (proof of economic circumstances may be required)
  • Extracurricular involvement and achievements
  • Personal characteristics

Application and selection process:

  • Applications for the 2019 academic year open in May 2018
  • Applications must be received by August 2018
  • Applicants will be shortlisted and interviewed by a panel made up of academics, and representatives from RJH and RASNZ
  • Interviews will be held in Auckland and Wellington in September
  • Referees will be contacted as required
  • Evidence of acceptance to an approved tertiary course of study will be required prior to the scholarship being granted


  • RASNZ facilitates and administers the application and selection process in collaboration with RJH Holdings
  • The applicant must have University Entrance
  • The scholarship must be taken up in the year for which it is awarded. Any deferment will be at the discretion of the selection committee in conjunction with the tertiary institution of choice
  • The scholarship is for full-time study
  • Annual renewal of the scholarship is dependent on the student maintaining a high academic standard during the tenure of the scholarship
  • The scholarship may not be deferred or suspended during the tenure, except under exceptional circumstances
  • Travel expenses for attending the interview will be paid if students must travel from out of town

What you’ll need:

  • A completed application form
  • Official academic records from Year 12 to present
  • A cover letter which informs us about your family background and personal story; why you are applying for this scholarship and what you hope to do in the future
  • Two written references – one academic reference and one character reference