RASNZ Advisory Board Public Meeting

My name is Aklilu Hibtit and I am the Cultural Director at RASNZ. On behalf of RASNZ, I would like to invite you all to attend a preliminary meeting to discuss and identify candidates to be part of the RASNZ Advisory Board.

The objective of the Advisory Board is to have community-consulted programmes that meet the needs of former refugees and help whānau to resettle and integrate well in the community. We are seeking your feedback, ideas and support in order to identify potential gaps within our current programmes.

Refugees as Survivors New Zealand (RASNZ) is a not-for-profit charitable trust committed to providing high quality, culturally appropriate mental health and wellbeing services to people from refugee backgrounds.

RASNZ Programmes prioritise the provision of:

  • Mental health services for all incoming refugee quota at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre
  • Community mental health and wellbeing services for people from refugee backgrounds living in Auckland
  • Youth Services to support young people from refugee backgrounds to fully participate in and contribute to an inclusive New Zealand society
  • National training and capacity-building to support organisations working with people from refugee backgrounds to provide culturally appropriate services
  • Research, training and evaluation to support the development of culturally appropriate policies and service delivery

The Purpose of the Advisory Board is to:  

  • Privilege refugee voices 
  • Provide cultural consultation to the Cultural Director and to the organisation overall
  • Provide guidance and input into new and existing programmes
  • Create opportunities to share ideas regarding gaps in current service provision
  • Create opportunities to support the development of new initiatives
  • Implement review recommendations in line with RASNZ strategies  
  • Provide specific community feedback and input into the suitability and accessibility of RASNZ services 
  • Provide an opportunity for consumer and family participation in RASNZ service provision 
  • Work to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of former refugees resettled in New Zealand

I would like to personally invite you, my fellow brothers and sisters, for a preliminary meeting, followed by refreshments.

I would appreciate if you could RSVP at

Everyone is welcome.