Research & Training

Capacity Building & Research

Capacity Building


RASNZ supports capacity building and skills development for people from refugee backgrounds and maintstream services through…


  • Community support groups which provide information and advice about health and social services.
  • Opportunities for people from refugee backgrounds to become leaders within their communities.
  • Training and employment for people from refugee backgrounds.
  • Training healthcare and social service providers in understanding the needs of people from refugee backgrounds.
  • Mental health training for organisations who work with people from refugee backgrounds.
  • Working with government ministries to help with special health and educational needs.
  • Working with schools to help with student learning and engagement.



RASNZ is committed to using research as a tool to investigate and expand knowledge on the psychological needs of people from refugee backgrounds. Research enables us to improve services for refugees, provide valuable information to other professionals working with refugees, and raise public awareness of the challenges associated with the refugee experience.

RASNZ conducts its own research programme as well as collaborating with international refugee trauma services and New Zealand universities.