People like you mean that we can help former refugees thrive as kiwis!

Pasawhtee Kuku

Age: 22

Country: Burmese/ Myanmar

I arrived to New Zealand in 2006 with my mother and two siblings. I was 11 years old.

Karzan Eskerie

Age: 32

Country: Kurdish/ Kurdistan

My family fled Kurdistan in 1989 to get away from Saddam Hussain’s killings.

Sharif King

Age: 22

Country: Syrian/ Syria

I came to New Zealand in 2016 after the war destroyed my country and I now study Computer Science at Polytech.

Shams Al-Chalabi

Age: 35

Country: Iraqi/ Iraq

For a refugee (a daughter of a political refugee) at 18 like me, New Zealand was not just a refuge but God’s opened arms that embraced my family and I


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