Research & Training


RASNZ supports capacity building and skills development for people from refugee backgrounds and maintstream services through…


  • Community support groups which provide information and advice about health and social services.
  • Opportunities for people from refugee backgrounds to become leaders within their communities.
  • Training and employment for people from refugee backgrounds.
  • Training healthcare and social service providers in understanding the needs of people from refugee backgrounds.
  • Mental health training for organisations who work with people from refugee backgrounds.
  • Working with government ministries to help with special health and educational needs.
  • Working with schools to help with student learning and engagement.


The RASNZ research programme works collaboratively with communities, partner organisations and academic institutions to provide methodologically robust and innovative studies to capture the complexities of resettlement in New Zealand. Our aim is to increase insights and understanding of the resettlement process to support positive psychosocial outcomes for people from refugee backgrounds. 

The purpose of RASNZ research is:

  • To improve resettlement outcomes for people from refugee backgrounds who settle in New Zealand
  • To improve capability and capacity of community and clinical service delivery
  • To build capacity in former refugee communities to engage in research
  • To raise awareness and understanding of all New Zealanders about the challenges and issues faced by people seeking refuge
  • To inform public debate and policy development


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